I understand that North Americans will be a part of the International Group. Who else participates in the international group? 

I am not 14 yet, can I apply? 

How many campers are in the International Group? 

Will you be organizing an orientation in advance of camp so that I can meet other campers.

What is the daily schedule of the International Group? 

What about rooming, how are they accommodated? 

What is the cost per camper? 

What is included in the price? 

I have applied to the International Group. Now what? 

How many days does it take to get in? 

I see that my status in the system changed from “waiting list” to “waiting for payment,” but I have not received an e-mail about it. What should I do? 

When and how should I pay the participation fee?

When should I buy the tickets? 

When should my flight arrive and when should my flight back be? 

Which airport should I fly to? 

How will my child get to the camp? 

How will I get to the airport from camp? Can I stay in the camp until the evening?  

Can I switch sessions?